Bikini Fit Camp

Welcome to Bethany's Bikini Fit Camp! Look around at what our program has to offer... hopefully we'll be hearing from you with plans of joining our group and changing your life!

Mud Run 2009

Each year boot camp takes several teams of girls to push their limits at the Ft Gordon Marine Mud Run Challenge and USMC Mud Run in Columbia, SC. It is over 4.5 miles with 17-33 obstacles and lots of mud. The girls are always so proud of themselves when they are done.

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Bethany's Bikini Fit Camp


Bethany's Bikini Fit Camp is a one of a kind outdoor fitness program for women of all age, fitness levels and sizes. The program is designed to reduce body fat, sculpt muscles, increase endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility all while working out in a group and making new friends. We provide an environment of motivation and encouragement to help you gain the confidence to exercise and live healthy.


The 6 week program is designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate your schedule. Class is offered 6 days a week with multiple class times and 4 locations in the CSRA which allows Fit Camp members to meet the recommended 3 classes per week to achieve optimal results.


Each class is 1 hour long and consists of both cardiovascular conditioning as well as muscle toning and sculpting exercises using both body weight and weights. The program is designed to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, and to push yourself to work harder the you would on your own. Every participant is encouraged to work at her own pace and all exercises can be adapted to fit any fitness level. No girl will be left behind.


At Bethany's Bikini Fit Camp we believe that healthy living has to be a lifestyle change. When you complete Bethany's Bikini Fit Camp you are going to be armed with all the information that you need to take the first steps to becoming a healthier person. You will get advice on nutrition, fitness, stress relief, and much more. We do contests, workshops and other fun activities to help you reach your goals whether that can be weight loss, physical conditioning, etc.



Bikini Fit Camp Will:

  • Provide a fitness plan to help motivate you to change your current health habits
  • Monitor your progress by allowing you to track your fitness goals
  • Provide a fun, energetic and motivational atmosphere
  • Create an opportunity that will allow you to participate in all fitness activities
  • Challenge you to push beyond your comfort zone to reach your fitness goals



Bethany's Bikini Fit Camp of Evans, GA